Ubuntu: How can I change the permissions of a folder from create or delete to list files only on a NTFS partition?


I have many NTFS partitions on my PC.

If I change the permissions of a folder on a NTFS partition from "create and delete files" to "list files only", its permissions will return to "create and delete files" permissions.

But, if I copy that folder and paste it onto the desktop, a Linux partition, the feature works. That is, it will change from "create and delete files" to "list files only".

How can I make the permission changes stay without copying the folder to my desktop?


On Linux partitions, in Linux (example: ext4, reiserFS)

In Linux, if you don't have the ownership of a file, you wont be able to change the permissions. You can use sudo to change the permissions for a file you don't own.

It is possible to launch Nautilus as root by doing alt+F2, then: gksudo nautilus

The system will ask for your password. This way, you can change any permission on any file. Take care, it is possible to change permissions or delete system files too!

On Windows partitions, in Linux

On partitions like NTFS and Fat, there are not so many rights like in Linux/Unix filesystems:

  1. On Fat partition, there are no right management;
  2. On NTFS partition, ownership can be managed.

Your case

Once a file from a NTFS partition is copied on your desktop, it is on a Linux partition like Ext4. So the file can be managed the Linux way, with all the options about owner, group, other, read, write, execute.

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