Ubuntu: Hotkeys for Totem in Ubuntu 12.04


I'm looking for a way to control the playback of Totem Movie Player even when I'm not focused on the window itself. I have done it with VLC using the instructions on the following link: http://wiki.videolan.org/How_to_use_VLC_for_transcription_in_linux . However, VLC distorts the audio quality of the files I want to play (both .wma and .ogg files). Totem gives me great quality, but I have to be focused on the window to be able to control the playback. Any advice, or do I just have to stick with VLC?


Check out the Help > Content (open it by pressing F1) - here the highlight:

Left arrow: Go back 15 seconds

Right arrow: Go forward 60 seconds

Shift+Left arrow: Go back 5 seconds

Shift+Right arrow: Go forward 15 seconds

Ctrl+Left arrow: Go back 3 minutes

Ctrl+Right arrow: Go forward 10 minutes

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