Ubuntu: Home folder quicklist not showing quicklist on right click unless it's open


This just started happening, I go to right click the home folder icon to get to my video folder, and it just says

Open new window

Home Folder

Unlock from launcher

But when I click on the home folder it shows the quick list. I don't know why it's not working.


This happens when nautilus crashes. In Gnome and Unity sessions, nautilus is run on login, and manages the desktop background. That process is running whether you have a nautilus window open or now. It's crashing on me right now, because of bug 1053670 in Quantal. And I'd say it's crashing on you, or not running for some reason. (What are you running? Did you update recently?)

When there's no nautilus running, the quicklist becomes a generic one. And right-clicking on the desktop does nothing. (I think folders on the desktop might disappear, but I don't have any.)

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