Ubuntu: Help with shut down


I just built a new computer and installed linux on my old HDD, its working fine excpet when i shut it down from the desktop it wont shut down, i have to manually hold the computers shut down button, until it shut downs.

Asus Sabertooth z77

i7 3770k GTX 550ti

Corsair 700w (i dont rember anything else about it)

8gb kingston hyperx blue 1600mhz

aand i dont rember the HDD

when i did sudo shutdown -c and sudo shutdown -h now it gave me this :

. . . .[ 242.726776] Power down [OK]

Unmounting local filesystems ault/speech-dispatcher [ok]

stopping remaining crypto disks.... 5, shutting down [Ok]

Stopping early crypto disks [Fail]

Stopping early crypto disks [ok]

umount /run/lock: not mounted

umount /run/shm: not mounted

mount: / is busy

Will now halt


Are you taken to the lock screen (login)? Or is it hanging at the ubuntu magenta screen?
Try running:

sudo shutdown -c  sudo shutdown -h now  

-c cancels scheduled halts and -h halts the session. These errors happen when an application vetoes the halt; check with gnome-system-monitor for any running scripts or processes that is causing this. Close them and try a normal shutdown from the panel.

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