Ubuntu: Have set up a file server. How to make it accessible from anywhere? [duplicate]


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I have installed xubuntu and made it a file server in my college using this guide. How to build your own file server

Okay I am pretty new to these things, but I want to know a few things?

1) I understand the machine is in my college and have a local static IP assigned to it. So how can I access that machine from anywhere else outside? (Port forwarding? But how to do that?)

2) Installed proftpd on it, but have no idea on how to use it?

3) How can I access that machine remotely? Right now I am only getting shell access using putty.

4) How can I make the most out of it? Have a dedicated 54 MBps line for this machine.


Unless the college reconfigures their router to port forward to your computer it cannot be done. The best you can do is host the files on a server outside the college and sync files between that computer and yours

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