Ubuntu: GRUB error-can i format HDD and fix it


I deleted my ubuntu partitions from windows XP now when i start up it says grub error.. i do not have any important information on my pc(all backed up to cloud) can i just format the whole thing and install a new OS [chrome probably], without worrying about this grub error?

again- i have no issue with formatting my pc [would be quite glad to do it]

up till now i was dual booting windows xp and ubuntu 13.04. now i would like to switch to chrome os

please help. i need help ASAP


There is a special part of the drive called the "Master boot record". This is where grub generally lives. Installing a new os will automatically fix the issue. Formatting the drive alone will not fix the issue.

As a more general answer. The easiest way to fix Master boot record issues is to install a new os, or run the mbr.exe program on a windows recovery disk.

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