Ubuntu: Graphics not working properly with Ubuntu 11.04 and later


My machine is Intel Integrated graphics G31/33, Core2duo, 3gb ram. I am currently using Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick. I have tried installing latest versions of Ubuntu but none of them work properly. All of them have problem with my graphics.

Now, Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick is no longer supported. Is there a way it can be used safely for longer?


You can quite safely continue to use 10.10, you will just not receive any further updates. But if everything is working properly you're good to go.

(What problem are you having with your graphics card, it could probably be solved?)


You're not getting security updates anymore for 10.10, so I would say it's not safe any longer, but you can wait for the release of 12.04 and upgrade to that version. 10.10 reached the end of it's lifetime and no one else will be carrying the burden of supporting it.

If there is an option to install an additional graphics card, I would recommend you buy a (new) graphics card. It doesn't have to be top notch or even the newest generation, a low end to midrange model from the last 3 generations with passive cooling will suffice. You will get a nice Unity 3D desktop and with proprietary drivers probably even video acceleration.

If Unity is nothing for you 12.04 will provide the package gnome-fallback-session.


I felt the same way until I installed the gnome desktop, then things started working properly for me using 11.10. So, give 11.10 a try, but once installed open the Ubuntu Software Center and install GNOME Desktop Environment. All the funky effects will be gone and the user interface is like the 10.10

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