Ubuntu: Google Voice plugin for gmail not working (12.04 x64 & firefox 17.0)


When I try to use the "call phones" feature from the gmail chat pane, I get the following message with a link to the download of the *.deb file.

Please download the voice plugin to make a call.

It used to work, and I'm not sure when it stopped working because I don't use it frequently.

So far I've purged the google-talkplugin (via synaptic) and tried manually reinstalling the 64 bit .deb file, both through Software Center and with dpkg -i *.deb. No success yet.

I use a pretty standard set of code:

  • ubuntu 12.04.01 x86_64 (3.2.0-33-generic)
  • firefox (17.0)
  • google-talkplugin (

update: I tried the 32bit .deb file. Did not work, either.


This is not an answer - solution - to your question.

If the google-talkplugin is problematic , then is problematic and is not a fault of Ubuntu.

I will tell you what I did to make it work , but (again) this is not a solution. (maybe a workaround).

Download and install Google Chrome , I don't know how ,but for a reason , the plugin works there.

When you have installed Google Chrome , then open Firefox and open a terminal too and run this command

sudo dpkg-reconfigure google-talkplugin  

Probably it will work with Firefox too. (worked for me).

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