Ubuntu: Google Chrome causes system freeze


I'm using xubuntu 12.04, but google chrome always causes system freezes while I'm scrolling down a webpage or a drop down box pops out.

It is quite strange that tty1 could not be switched but only my mouse can move.

So I want to know how to find out what's wrong with my chrome browser and fix the bug? Thanks.


Looks like your video driver gets messed up when you scroll the webpage. You can try Using Alt+PrintScreen+"REISUB" (i.e. hold Alt+PrintScreen and press R E I S U B key sequence; B might not work, so you'll have to press reset) to safely restart the system and save the logs. Then you can examine /var/log/kern.log near end of file. There'll likely be some BUG or Oops messages indicating what's going with the driver.


Thanks for the help of @Ruslan, I located the bug is my intel i915 video driver on linux kernel 3.2.0-39. Here is some discussion on ubuntu forum.

I switched to kernel 3.2.0-37 and it works fine for me by now.

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