Ubuntu: Gnome session has missing letters, transparency issues, blue screen


I've install the GNOME desktop with sudo apt-get install gnome, as instructed here. It is not working properly, as shown below.



First try to restart your GNOME SHELL as follows-

Press ALT+F2

in the run command option enter the letter "r" and hit enter.Your shell will restart.

If this doesn't work,You maight have to reinstall GNOME SHELL.

To remove GNOME SHELL open the terminal and enter the following command-

sudo apt-get purge gnome

and then to re-install GNOME SHELL enter the command-

sudo apt-get install -y gnome

You may also remove and add the GNMOE SHELL/GNOME DESKTOP ENVIRONMENT from the Software Center but the termial use would be better.


Well here is the GUI way to remove GNOME DESKTOP ENVIRONMENT and GNOME SHELL

Let me bring to your notice that the 500Mb you had installed when you installed GNOME was because it included the DEFAULT GNOME APPLICATIONS,ETC

The problem you are facing is actually with GNOME SHELL-The actual component responsible for the GNOME GUI ENVIRONMENT

So you maight not free as much space as you installed.Because you are not Deleting the APPLICATIONS.

Now the procedure-

  1. Start the Software Center from the launcher.

  2. In the search bar, enter GNOME as shown below-

gnome s

3 .After the search returns the results,you will see the 1st result as GNOME DESKTOP ENVIRONMENT

Click on the REMOVE Button against it as shown below-

gnome s2

4.After Removeing the ENVIRONMENT add to the search bar SHELL as shown-

shell s

5.After the search results are dispalyed,you will get the 1st result as GNOME SHELL as shown-

shell 2

Click on the REMOVE Button against it.

After this is done,Restart Your computer.

When the log in screen appears,Click on the sessions menu and you will find that all options of the GNOME ENVIRONMENT are absent.

Log in into the available UNITY environment and INSTALL gnome the same way from the SOFTWARE CENTER as you removed it..In place of the REMOVE Button yu will see the INSTALL Button...

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