Ubuntu: Flash player not loading in Firefox or Chromium


I am brand new to Linux so can you (try) to keep answers as simple as possible. A few days ago I did a fresh install of Ubuntu 11.10 on an old computer (just under 500mb of RAM) and once I had completed the install. I installed the restricted extras thingy. I then tried to load up a Flash video in Firefox but it failed: all it would show is a blank box where the video should have been.

At this point I tried various different video sites (iplayer, Youtube, etc) and I even tried opening up a downloaded flash game in Firefox but still I was just getting a blank box where the flash content should have been.

Next I tried doing a fresh install of Ubuntu 12.04 32bit, installing the restricted extras thingy again but it still just showed up the blank box. Finally I tried various different methods for getting it to work including:

  • Trying a different browser~ same issue
  • Trying different websites~ same issue
  • Reinstalling the Flash plugin via the software center~ same issue
  • Reinstalling the Flash plugin via the Adobe website~ same issue
  • Installing Flash-aid (a plugin designed to solve any issues with flash)~ same issue
  • Disabling the flash plugin for Firefox~ Flash was no longer detected so the websites told me that I needed to install the flash plugin to play the content

Not really sure what else to try???


Flash with under 500MB RAM is not likely to be pretty. You might want to try HTML 5 video on sites like youtube that support a choice for most videos. You could also try gnash which is an open source flash implementation that is not as resource hungry.

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