Ubuntu: F? (f.e. F8) shortcuts not working in geany


I'd like to ask for tips why shortucts f.e. for build F9 or compile F8 are not working in Geany text editor.

I tried to assign different shortcuts including Ctrl+F8 or Ctrl+Shift+B and none of them worked.


I observe that this only happens after accidentally pressing the shortcuts in the VTE (the embedded terminal). Even after switching focus back to the main editor, these shortcuts still do not work.

To fix, go to Edit -> Preferences -> Terminal, then uncheck the "Override Geany keybindings" option. However this will disable all keybindings for the terminal, including Ctrl+C for SIGINT. If you don't want that, you'll have to restart Geany everytime it doesn't work.

This bug has been filed here, but it was closed as "won't fix". It seems to be affecting Unity only, and to quote Lex Trotman,

This is a Unity bug and not something we can fix.

I reported this on Launchpad.


Some keyboards (like Microsoft's Digital Media Keyboard 3000) requires Fn lock to use the "F*" keys. Perhaps it is due to that.


It may help to make sure your source code files are named with the correct file extension.

I'm using the editor for Pascal, so in my case it helped to add the .pas extension to the file-/project name.

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