Ubuntu: error: no such partition. grub rescue


I had multiboot windows 7 and ubuntu on my Samsung notebook NP305U1A-A07IN. I uninstalled Ubuntu by deleting all unnamed partitions from windows disk partitions as I read on net somewhere.

Now I guess Ubuntu is gone but i can't boot into windows anymore. Whenever I boot it says

error:  no such partition  grub rescue>  

I know my windows partition and data is all there. Something is wrong with boot loader or boot manager.

As I have notebook it doesn't have DVD driver. But I have created USB stick of windows and Ubuntu too. But my BIOS menu can't recognize or load these sticks at all. I tried it on other notebook it works. But not on this one only. I even changed priorities.but it says boot override and shows two options only to boot hdd and network.

I checked a lot of forums and here too. But no solutions so far. I can't boot any USB stick so Windows command prompt solution from recovery is no use.

I have another doubt if these manufacturers lock BIOS to boot from another USB or DVD. But I installed Ubuntu from USB itself and now it can't detect any of those. I don't want to lose any data. Anything will work Windows or Linux now. At least let me know the way I can bring windows installation on it.


I don't think deleting all unnamed partitions from Windows is the right answer.

You should reinstall your GRUB to restore your boot menu. Check this question, it might be helpful.


Faced this fearsome screen of death after installing 12.04 dual boot. Using 11.04 earlier on. Yeah, the windows stuff were still there. In the end, I solved the problem by installing 10.10 from CD to restore grub. Not touching 12.04 until this issue is stable.


You should change your boot priority to USB as first priority. If its not shown, this cannot be done unless you get the boot file from another computer and transfer it to your current one.


In my case the hard disks have been configured to work in IDE mode, which worked perfectly in Ubuntu 11.04.

After installing Ubuntu 12.04, I got the "no such partition" error.

I solved it by configuring the BIOS to work with disks in ACPI mode.

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