Ubuntu: Error message when reading subdirectory from a USB Drive


When attempting to display a directory (sorry, I'm strictly GUI for now because I'm new to this) I get the following error for a folder that reads flawlessly when attached to various Windows boxes.

This location could not be displayed.

Sorry, could not display all the contents of “diskname”: Error when getting information for file '/media/abc/etcetc/Personal Folders/IMG_0035.JPG': Input/output error

I am willing to toss the file to see if it resolves but I don't know how to do that yet. I am going to get the appropriate terminal script and get to work on that but I thought I would ask here in the meantime.

Is there some way to find out why it hangs on the one file?

What is the easiest way to toss the file?


After trying to change the settings to suppress thumbnails (thanks user3121023) and using newly learned commands in the terminal, I am still stuck. The command line returned the same error.

I will mount the drive on a Windows box later and try to see if I can resolve it there. I should at least be able to remove the file.


[Solved] The problem it turns out is that the drive has new issues, possibly due to being dropped just prior to connecting it to the Ubuntu computer.

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