Ubuntu: Error copying images from camera using Nautilus


Since I upgraded t 13.04 I can no longer copy images from a flash card located in my Canon camera.

I can connect to the camera using USB, I can browse and view images, however I am unable to copy any images to my PC.

The error message: Operation not supported by backend

The strange thing is that I can copy folders, just not contents...

Any ideas?

Ubuntu 13.04 64bit Kernel: 3.9.7-030907-generic


Additional: I do not think the camera is mounting properly. I wonder if it has something to do with gphoto2?

In order to mount it correctly in an application I have to first unmount the camera from from nautilus.

I think the issue lies with the mounting of the camera....?

pst007x@pst007x-Serval-Professional:~$ ls -a /media  .  ..  apt  .directory  MyAndroid  pst007x  pst007x@pst007x-Serval-Professional:~$   

Location in Nautilus is shown as: gphoto2://[usb:002,012]/


Looks like this is broken in all recent Gnome releases.

The Arch thread has several workarounds, my favorite is using "gphoto2 -P":

  1. Connect camera

  2. Eject camera via Nautilus

  3. Open a terminal, cd to the directory you want your photos to be placed, run "gphoto2 -P". It will download all the images to the current directory.

If you don't have gphoto2 installed: sudo apt-get install gphoto2

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