Ubuntu: Edit GTK theme in Ubuntu


How can I edit colors of current theme? I have bright theme with white windows but I can see black tooltips when I move mouse above Firefox' tabs, or Eclipse IDE. That's what I'd change.




I found similar settings in the files listed below, but simply changing them, then changing theme to something else and then back to Ambiance in System Settings >Appearance> Theme flickers the screen but otherwise doesn't work for me. And I can't even see the copy of Ambience I created in the same directory to fiddle with. I'm going to try logging out, and if that doesn't work - rebooting.



It's unfortunate when programmers like Eclipse misuse system settings, and print in non-tooltip foreground on tooltip background, resulting on black-on-black.

I'm surprised there isn't a theme editor, linked from the 'Appearances' tab, that lets you tweak colours and then tells Gnome to refresh its idea about the themes -- without rebooting.

I like Ubuntu, but its UI quality seems to be slipping rapidly.

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