Ubuntu: Drivers for Wireless card Asus PCE-AC66?


Where can I get an Ubuntu driver for this card? is there any? otherwise can I install a generic Wireless driver even if it works sub-optimally but at least will work.


As per the comments and running:

$ lspci -nn -d 14e4:  82:00.0 Network controller [0280]: Broadcom Corporation Device [14e4:43a0] (rev 02)  

But note that my board Z9PE-D8 WS board comes with an integrated network card (actually two I believe) but I need the Wireless.


Here is an Arch Linux question that deals with your exact same device 14e4:43a0. https://aur.archlinux.org/packages/wireless-bcm43142-dkms/ The proposed solution is the latest version of bcmwl-kernel-source, in that case The result reported later was: "THANK YOU!!! It works as expected."

In Ubuntu 13.04, there is a proposed version of bcmwl-kernel-source If you are running 13.04, open Software and Updates and select Prereleased Updates under the Updates tab. With a temporary ethernet connection, open a terminal and do:

sudo apt-get update  sudo apt-get install bcmwl-kernel-source  

Check the version that was installed:

sudo dpkg -s bcmwl-kernel-source  

It should say: Version:

Now load the driver:

sudo modprobe wl  

Is it working now? So that you don't get a lot of unstable software, go back and uncheck Prereleased Updates and re-run:

sudo apt-get update  

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