Ubuntu: Does ubuntu reduce CPU usage due to overheating?


I have been running for a day at 100% CPU and suddenly seems that for the same tasks as before its usage has been limited to 50%. I suspect that overheating may be the cause.

I am using 11.10. Is this throttle automated?


No, Linux does not do this. Theoretically your hardware is supposed to, but I have not heard of any that does. You may be able to run sensors to check the temperature and see if it is getting too high ( near 100 C ).


are you sure it was not a faulty process eating up all your resources before? Unless you are compiling code, video editing or things alike it is difficult to use 100% CPU, even less nowadays with dual cores or quadcores.

try again after a reboot...if you get 50% again it was a ghost process that was taking the CPU time.


Canonical claimed to had fixed the unity in 11.10. But it still din't work well. For me, it was unity destkop environment which was eating up the processor all the time. The temperature of cores used to be high (68+) all the time.. Compiz was another role player in throttling the cpu.
You may check if its the case for you. You may try different desktop environment say light weight version of desktop environments. Examples would be DWM (from suckless.org) or Awesome (a light weight DE, a fork of DWM). If that helps, I would suggest to install 12.04 in which, unity seems to have become stable and less annoying.

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