Ubuntu: Does someone know why the Chromium daily package isn't build anymore?


It looks like chromium-browser @ https://launchpad.net/~chromium-daily/+archive/ppa haven't been build for the past 6 weeks.

I tried to get in touch with them on launchpad but I've got no answers...


Yes, unfortunately, the machine that the bot was running on was low on disk space (which preparing chromium uploads requires quite a bit). I was going to try to do some manual uploads for the beta and dev channels. I'm not sure how soon the dailies will be available again. I can try to post here when the space issues are resolved.


@micahg answers this question. In the meantime, my current workaround is to install a more recent chromium from this repository. You can add-apt-repository and install it as usual. I didn't want the other packages from the repository so I pinned just the chromium packages to prevent the rest from installing. Wrote a step by step in this answer. There is also another repository that has a new chromium mentioned here and fewer other packages so you won't need to pin packages, but the developer hosting that package currently is dissuading people from using it, hence my preference for the former repository.

I hope at some point we have a more unified "definitive" place to get chromium rather than these disparate repositories, like it used to be with the chromium-daily channel which they are trying to get going again.

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