Ubuntu: Does copying files from NTFS to EXT4 degrade/corrupt the files?


The reason I ask is I am very new to Ubuntu, but I want to get into mobile development. I installed Ubuntu alongside windows 8 but it just doesn't run quite as well as I would expect so a friend mentioned that Ubuntu would run smoother if you started with a completely blank disk, no windows.

So I want to do this and ditch windows since I can see Ubuntu easily allows me to complete my basic tasks (goodbye Skyrim :tears:). but I do want to keep all my music, videos and documents from windows.


Its a nice thought, but no it doesn't. You will just need to set the permissions for all the files since NTFS doesn't support that.

However, you should think about having a dual boot, if it is that you installed Ubuntu alongside Windows with Wubi. If you do have a dual boot, there is no real reason why Ubuntu should be slow, except if you have your Ubuntu partition full, or have allocated no swap partition.

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