Ubuntu: Does Canonical have other deals with companies like the Amazon search feature?


I was interested to find out if Canonical, the producers of Ubuntu, have other financial dealings for integrated features of their operating system, other than the controversial Amazon search feature?

How else is funding for Ubuntu achieved?


Good question (reasons below):

  1. It's open-source so it doesn't need much funding considering the community contributes a lot of coding time - nearly all Ubuntu packages are based nearly entirely on community-made code (essentially everything other than Unity, the Ubuntu Software Centre and some patches for some applications to work better with Unity).

  2. Donations on download. Since you can just download it free anyway this probably doesn't raise much.

  3. Canonical's paid services to companies (Ubuntu Advantage/Landscape) including Google, these help because they cost a lot and the overflow from this goes to Ubuntu.

  4. Presumably royalties (support costs etc...) from the Ubuntu Phone.

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