Ubuntu: DNS not working over DSL


I connect to Internet via a PPPOE connection that i configured manually as below:

/etc/ppp/peers/hamyar  #hamyar:  noipdefault   defaultroute   replacedefaultroute   hide-password   noauth   persist   plugin rp-pppoe.so eth0   user "********"   usepeerdns   

when I connect via "pon hamyar" everything works fine(i have ping response from any IP) except pinging to names like google.com and i cannot open it from my browser. what shall i do?

here's log information:

Connected to 00:09:44:6c:e8:1a via interface eth0   Using interface ppp0   Connect: ppp0 <--> eth0   PAP authentication succeeded   peer from calling number 00:09:44:6C:E8:1A authorized   replacing old default route to eth0 []   local IP address   remote IP address   primary DNS address   secondary DNS address   


resolv.conf will be overwritten by network manager. You could edit your connection to set other DNSs servers than what you ISP gives you throw DHCP. For this run nm-connection-editor, choose your DSL connection, then IPv4 Settings tab, then on Additional DNS servers add Google DNS servers:,, or OpenDNS servers:,

On command line you could test a DNS server with:

nslookup sitetotest.com DNSserverIPtotry  

Notice that a ping is an ICMP package and DNS is an application protocol, so they live on a different layer of TCP/IP stack of protocols. A server/host could respond to a ping without having any service listening on a TCP or UDP port.

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