Ubuntu: Decrypting *.SO file [closed]


Situation: Long back i developed some coding in C and C++, by converting to *.SO file - i deleted those C and C++ files.

Issue: I want to re-convert the *.SO files into C and C++ files for the code upgradation, Please guide for the procedure and send any tutorial and procedure for re-conversion.


This question has been asked here before: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/2306972/is-there-any-way-to-decompile-linux-so.

Anyway, you can't get back your original code, or to quote Carlos Gutiérrez: "You can make hamburgers with a cow, but you can't make a cow with hamburgers".

A *.so file is a compiled shared object (roughly equivalent to a dll in windows). It contains all the information for a function in a language the machine understands. This is not necessarily the same language as the one it is written in - If the original was not pure assembly, it almost certainly isn't the same language. So while its possible to get back enough information to produce a function that does the same thing it is not possible to get back to the original source code.

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