Ubuntu: Creating a new user after install with encrypted home


Just trying to set up a secondary user after install on 12.04. My last system was 10.04 and it allowed me to create a new user with an encrypted home partition but when creating a new user on 12.04 there is no option to encrypt home partition. Do I need to install another package or am I missing something?


It is a bug of 12.04, see here.

You can workaround creating the user from terminal. The command is:
adduser --encrypt-home username (change "username" for the user name you want).


This seems to be fixed at the command line level.

sudo adduser --encrypt-home username   

(Change "username" for the user name you want.)

Just worked for me in an up to date 12.04 Precise Pangolin ie.it created a new user with an encrypted home directory.

If you receive an error message :

adduser: unable to find a program named « ecryptfs-setup-private » in $PATH"...  

Adding the package « ecryptfs-utils » solves this problem (thanks, apt-file...) :

apt-get install ecryptfs-utils  


You just need another user & group admin tool:

sudo apt-get install gnome-system-tools  

Then go to dash and search for Users and Groups. Add a new user and check "Encrypt home folder to protect sensitive data". Remember to take extra precautions if you don't want sensitive data to leak into the log files (eg. /var/log/), temp files (eg. /tmp), the swap space, etc.

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