Ubuntu: Connecting a reliance zte AC2737 netconnect + modem


I have a Reliance netconnect+ zte Ac2737. It has an allocated data of 5gb per month. The modem works fine only after the allocated data is over, for which i have to pay extra to the provider. I tried contacting the provider, but it was not of much help. The system detects the modem every time. I assume that it must be a possible problem with the provider, so is there any chance it is the problem of Ubuntu 12.04 LTS 64 bit itself as i have no other reason to think otherwise an it works fine every time on windows.


Ubuntu has no knowledge of how much data balance you have left, so the problem is indeed with your provider.


enter image description here

Check these settings with your service provider like Reliance Card is CDMA or GSM. If CDMA Card, number is different. You many need to enter your username and password too.

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