Ubuntu: Conky not working in Gnome 3.4


I've installed conky using sudo apt-get install conky-all and followed this tutorial to configure. The configuration works properly in Unity desktop in Ubuntu 12.04 and everything seems OK, However using Gnome 3 nothing appears on the desktop. I have used following command to invoke conky at startup sh -c "sleep 20s; conky -c ~/.conkyrc".

Please suggest what additional steps need to be taken in order to make it work in Gnome shell Ubuntu 12.04.

Here is the .conkyrc file.


Just replace own_window_type override with following lines:

  own_window_type normal  own_window_argb_visual yes  

and use following command to start conky automatically at startup:

bash -c "sleep 20; conky"


I created a little script that runs conky delayed. I'm not sure why, but there is some kind of problems by running it just when the computer starts. So create a script (hidden in your home folder, in this case) with

gedit ~/.conkystart.sh  

then add:

#!/bin/bash  sleep 30; conky  exit  

and give it the execute permissions

chmod +x ~/.conkystart.sh  

as you can see what the script does is only starts conky after sleeping (waiting) 30 seconds

Now go to the startup application and add this script instead of conky itself

conky autostart setup

Now restart (or logout and login) ubuntu and wait for 30 seconds. Does it shows up now?


What you need script for? Just launch it like this by adding to Startup list.

conky -p 20 -c /home/{username}/.conkyrc  


try some of these parameters, specially the own_window_type:

update_interval 3  total_run_times 0  own_window yes  own_window_type normal  own_window_transparent yes  own_window_hints undecorated,below,sticky,skip_taskbar,skip_pager  double_buffer yes  ....  draw_outline no  draw_borders no  draw_graph_borders no  

Also, I had problems when starting conky at login in an automatically way, so now, I am used to run conky manually. When you try this way do you still have the problem?


I was having this problem too, i think you are trying to use conky-colors. The answer of Basharat Sial is almost there.

My conky-colors configuration was:

./conky-colors --lang=english --theme=blue --cpu=4 --swap --updates --proc=3 --clock=modern --nvidia --calendar --network --ubuntu

I have to remove the --ubuntu and when asked "Ubuntu/Debian distro?" say n (or press Enter).

After that, create a startup application with this command:

bash -c "sleep 20; conky -c ~/.conkycolors/conkyrc"

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