Ubuntu: Configuring a vpn connection with network manager


I'm on Xubuntu and I just want to make a simple modification in the configuration of the network-manager for the openvpn connection, and it requires me to authenticate. Here is what is going on : I go in the network-manager applet, I click on "vpn", then "modify", then I uncheck the box "connect automatically", but I can't click on apply, and when I hover the mouse over the "apply" button it says I should authenticate. More importantly the vpn connection works when I first set it up, but as soon as I restart the computer, my vpn connection fails and I am unable to make modifications to the configuration of the vpn in gnome network-manager.


I found what was keeping me from performing the modifications and probably also why the connection would fail after reboot. When I imported the configuration file, I had to uncheck the option to set it for "all users", which is enabled by default. Now vpn works and I can make modifications.

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