Ubuntu: Chromium-Browser starts with unmaximized window


Chromium browser by default start with an unmaximized window in my Ubuntu system and I've to manually do maximize.

How can I open chromium browser maximized by default? Also, I've locked the launcher to the side panel.


I think you need to modify your .desktop file for Chromium, wherever it is located. It could be in ~/.local/share/applications or in /usr/share/applications. The former location is better from the point of view of ease of editing because no sudo is needed, and the .desktop file here isn't over-written with each update.

I use Chrome and not Chromium so you need to find the appropriately named .desktop file for Chromium in either of the two locations I mentioned.

To edit the .desktop file when you find it, don't double-click on it. Instead, right-click and choose the editor you prefer. As I mentioned, you may need to use sudo or gksudo depending on where your .desktop file is. (I prefer the terminal route for minor edits in which case I would use sudo nano google-chrome.desktop or just nano google-chrome.desktop, whichever is appropriate.)

Anyway, look for the line that begins with Exec= and change the contents to look like this:

Exec=/opt/google/chrome/google-chrome --start-maximized %U  

keeping in mind the path that Chromium is installed in may differ and the actual name will be different, possibly chromium-browser.

In short, adding --start-maximized to the command should do the trick for this particular software.

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