Ubuntu: Chrome/Chromium login problem


I'm using ubuntu 13.04 and I love it

But there's a little problem with browsers,I both tried chrome and chromium browsers but I cant login my google account for sync bookmarks etc.

I already searched problem on google but couldnt find a solution . Ps: I already tried clear cookies ( with clean browser lol)

Thanks everyone


Step 1.) Click on the Menu

enter image description here

Step 2.) Select "Settings" on the menu.

enter image description here

Step 3.) Select "Advanced Sync Everthing" under "Sing In" group shown as Orange

enter image description here

Step 4.) Select "Ok" on the dialog, and make sure the Combobox is on the value as "Sync everything" shown as green.

enter image description here


I faced the very same problem, and the only way I found to solve it was disconnecting my browser from my Google account, and logging in again.

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