Ubuntu: Change or disable Ubuntu global keyboard shortcut (Ctrl+Alt+Del) using terminal without using UI


I want to disable or change the Ctrl+ALT+Del key-shortcut in ubuntu 12.04 machine, without using the UI. Because I removed X and there is no UI to change it. I just want to do it from terminal.

Please help

Thanks, Swaminathan


There's a file under ~/.gconf/apps/metacity/global_keybindings (%gconf.xml). You should edit this file to describe the shortcut and what the shortcut should do. I will give you an example of my shortcut config which I have configured to switch between windows using ALT+TAB in the entry below.

<entry name="switch_windows" mtime="1363253626" type="string"> <stringvalue>&lt;Alt&gt;Tab</stringvalue> All the best.

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