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How do I fix Flash issues?

I can't open Youtube.com on computer with lubuntu and mint. I see that my flash works properly on other sites. Problem is in for example on youtube (yming.com loading without endless) and vimeo. I tried to use firefox and chromium. I thought that it would be problem with dns (I have dns from DHCP - opendns) so I changed to google dns but it didn't help to solve problem. When I use text browser - Links these site are opening well in text mode. I think that the problem is with flash or java. On other computer with windows connected to the same network these sites are being opened without problem.

I am on the point that I don't know what to do next, because I tried to install and uninstall flash several times. I tried Flash-Aid as well.


If your concern is mainly to access Youtube and not about resolving the Flash problem, you can try HTML5 for Youtube.

In case of HTML5, YouTube doesn't need Flash and hopefully, your problem should be solved.

Recent versions of any modern browser should support HTML5.

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