Ubuntu: Can't mount cd/dvd r/w drive in Ubuntu 12.04


I'm pretty new to Ubuntu and I'm having some troubles mounting my drive or getting it to detect media.

When I do this: dmesg | grep "sr0"

I get :

[    2.096797] sr0: scsi3-mmc drive: 24x/24x writer dvd-ram cd/rw xa/form2 cdda tray  [    2.096968] sr 5:0:0:0: Attached scsi CD-ROM sr0  

when I:

sudo mount /dev/sr0 /mnt/cdrom  mount: no medium found on /dev/sr0    sudo mount /dev/cdrom /media/cdrom   mount: no medium found on /dev/sr0  

There is most certainly media in the drive. Can someone please help me understand how I can resolve this issue?


I have the same problem. Using my Acer laptop Ubuntu (Any version) doesn't recognize the DVD R/W Rom drive that's built in. I purchased an External DVD R/W and it seems to work fine. I know it isn't a solution but for the time being, it works. Until I can figure out the problem, I can still utilize other discs.


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