Ubuntu: Can't boot from sd card [closed]


I installed Backtrack via Unetbootin into SD card, but I see no option in boot menu in BIOS. What to do?


It seems that you don't understand how things work or what you're suppose to do.

Normally when you start your PC it has a predefined boot sequence, for example:

  1. CD/DVD Drive
  2. HDD drive

This is, if a bootable CD/DVD is found the PC will boot that, if not it tries to boot HDD drive.

This sequence is defined on your PC BIOS, where you can also add or remove more devices to be used on PC startup.

So if you have a bootable USB drive, you need to either enter BIOS and set it to boot also from USB drive, or you can choose the boot sequence by entering a special key on the PC starts.

This last option, may not work, because booting from USB may not be avaiable by default.

I have searched and found (i guess) the BIOS manual for your PC, you should really read it to understand more of what BIOS is, and what you can do there.

I didn't find there any option to boot from a SD Card, so i'm not sure if this is possible, but if it is, it's something like this:

  1. Start your PC

  2. Hit the Del key (you can hit several times)

  3. Navigate the menus, and i activate option Legacy USB Support, by choosing Enabled

  4. In the Boot Menu, add SDCARD (if not avaiable choose USB) to the list, and choose it as 1st option

  5. Save changes and shutdown or restart

  6. Plug in the SD CARD and start your PC

It should boot your SD CARD.

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