Ubuntu: cannot log in to all account except guest after mounting new partition


In order to do my homework from school, since two days ago, I installed Oracle 11g on my computer running Ubuntu.

While I was installing Oracle 11g, after setting the password for oracle and clicking "next", the installer said that there was not enough space for the home/oracle folder, so to make another space, I mounted another space after checking GParted and using Software device management, I mounted it.

Since then, I have not been able to log in to my own administrator account or to the oracle account (which I made for Oracle 11g on Ubuntu): when I type the password for it, it seems to work but it then redisplays the first page to log in, without really logging in.

So I logged in to the guest account, but I cannot even try gnome console manipulation to restore or fix it, because it is the guest account.

Firstly, is there any way I can fix things; Secondly, when oracle said it didn't have enough space for its home folder, what should I have done?


This may help:

Use Ctrl-Alt-F2

Log in using your admin account.

Use usermod -d NEW_HOME to specify your home directory if it's moved.

I did funny things to my setup and moved my home partition/user, i also needed to chown and chgrp to my home directory to assign it back to my 'new' user

Using the Ctrl-Alt-F2 will hopefully give you enough control over your system to fix it.

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