Ubuntu: Cannot boot in either OS after install (windows 8 or Ubuntu). Acer Aspire



Please help!

I have installed Ubuntu 13.10 and now I cannot reboot in any OS. I wanted to set up the system boot in either Windows 8 or Ubuntu. Followed the instructions by UEFI-Community and it still did not work. I have also tried countless troubleshooting suggestions on the forum.

I did notice during install that I did not see an option to "run ubuntu alongside Windows 8". I chose "something else" anyway. I have run all the suggested boot repairs but I am making no progress.

I also partitioned my HD, prior to installation, in windows and installed to that location (sda7).

Please help


From the boot-repair log,it was clearly shows that there was no bootloader was installed in /dev/sda.

So install grub2 on /dev/sda by chroot method.

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