Ubuntu: Cannot access deja-dup backup


My laptop is being repaired and I need to access the files on my encrypted HDD (which I regularly back up with Deja-Dup).

Is there a way of accessing these backed-up files through WIndows or mac?


The easiest way would be to boot off a LiveDVD or LiveUSB (12.04 or 12.10) and plug the device in. Next mount the drive in the computer (or another USB device) by opening it in Nautilus. If you're not sure where the device is mounted open a terminal and issue the command:

mount | grep /dev/sd  

Or have a look in 'disk utility'

Next, start deja dup and select the external device/pathname to restore from, and the drive of your choice to restore to.


Deja-dup uses duplicity, which is available on Windows through dupliciti, which can be downloaded here. Try it and tell me how it goes.

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