Ubuntu: Can no longer press Windows key to launch Dash, what to do?


Suddenly pressing Windows key to launch Dash not working on my Ubuntu 13.10, other shortcut works fine (Windows + 1, Windows + T, Windows hold), I have tried to restart my computer but the problem persist. On 13.04 I can easily fix unity-related problem using unity --reset, but I just tried it and now --reset is deprecated? How to fix this?


Finally solved it. I have to reset unity using dconf reset -f /org/compiz/ then setsid unity. I have tried to reproduce the problem, and it's happening again after I changed Launcher Opacity in CCSM, but I'm not sure why.


Open CompizConfig Settings Manager -> Ubuntu Unity Plugin. Choose the Launcher tab. There you can change the setting to Super under Key to show Dash,Launcher and Help overlay. That's it! enter image description here

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