Ubuntu: Can I install MaaS on the same server my nodes will be on?


Hello every geek and nerds out there.

I'm a network engineer but I've been following Ubuntu and the Cloud architecture for quite a while now.

Question: I have a HP DL380 Dual Quad Core with 16GB of RAM and eight 73GB HDDs. My intention is to install MAAS on this server and use the same server to host some OS (eg. Linux, Win) by using some hard drives as server nodes for these OSs.

Please could you shed more light on this. Am I mis-understanding what MAAS does or how it should be installed.

Do I need a seperate server for MAAS? Please help.



No, you don't need separate server for MAAS. You can share MAAS services:

maas - seed cloud setup, which includes both the region controller and the cluster controller below.

maas-region-controller - includes the web UI, API and database.

maas-cluster-controller - controls a group (“cluster”) of nodes including DHCP management.

maas-dhcp/maas-dns - required when managing dhcp/dns.

with KVM or VirtualBox for other OS.

Installing MAAS and Metal as a Service will be more helpful to understand what MAAS is.

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