Ubuntu: Can I add a personal launcher to favourite toolbox in GNOME Shell?


I've installed Ubuntu 11.10.

Is it possible to add a personal launcher to favorite toolbox in GNOME Shell 3.2?

I've installed Firefox from pre-compiled binaries and Longman dictionary but cannot manage to add launcher to favorites.


You could copy your launcher to ~/.local/share/applications, or use the one below:

Here's a sample:

[Desktop Entry]  Version=1.0  Name=Firefox Web Browser2  Comment=Firefox Web Browser  GenericName=Web Browser  Exec=/my/path/to/run_mozilla  Terminal=false  X-MultipleArgs=false  Type=Application  Categories=Application;Internet;  MimeType=text/plain;  StartupNotify=true  

If you save this as, say, Firefox_custom.desktop in ~/.local/share/applications it will show up in your gnome overview and then you'll be able to drag it as a favorite.


Guess I'll add some extra information based off Luigi's comment.

An easy way to create a .desktop file in the proper directory is using gtk-desktop-item-edit like so:

gtk-desktop-item-edit --create-new ~/.local/share/applications  


You can also use alacarte:

sudo apt-get install alacarte

Alacarte is a program that creates and edits menu entries in a graphical way.

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