Ubuntu: Bluetooth - How to browse files on a device?


It might sound stupid, but I don't know how to browse files on my device (phone) connected to Ubuntu machine via Bluetooth. I see that the connection is established, I can send files from my computer to the phone, but just can't seem to find how to browse the phone's file system.

I should mention that my Bluetooth adapter is Foxconn / Hon Hai, which hasn't been supported in Linux until recently. However, now I'm able to pair my phone with the computer, and to send files from my computer to the phone. What's not working is sending files from the phone to the computer and browsing phone files on the computer.

The reason why I'm asking this question is actually to check whether my Bluetooth adapter is still not fully supported, or I just don't know how to use it properly.


ok then try this:

test before, if your usb dongle was recognized you test it with this command:

lsusb | grep Bluetooth   

if you get this message, its successfuly recognized:

Bus 003 Device 004: ID 1310:0001 Roper Class 1 Bluetooth Dongle  

then install an another browser for ubuntu:

sudo apt-get install bluez-utils libopenobex1 bluez-tools   

after the installation, you must restart the bluetooth dongle with this command:

sudo /etc/init.d/bluetooth restart   

or with this command

sudo service bluetooth restart   

Details of the Bluetooth device is obtained with the command:

hciconfig --all   

if all is ok, install bluetooth applet


  1. Create a folder in `/media/mountpoint with root rights
  2. Install obexfs
  3. pair the phone with the PC
  4. Get the device MAC and mount it with obexfs:

    sudo mkdir /media/mountpoint  sudo apt-get install obexfs  hcitool scan  

Scanning ...

8F:77:17:77:44:16 My Android Phone

obexfs -b 8F:77:17:77:44:16 /mountpoint  

To unmount the device:

fusermount -u /mountpoint   

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