Ubuntu: Bluetooth and Mobile Broadband is not working in Ubuntu 12.04 [closed]


Bluetooth and mobile broadband connection is not working in Ubuntu 12.04...after upgrading system from 11.10....plz do help...


Try to run this command:

rfkill unblock all  

That should unblock your device, I had a similar issue.


Guess what, I'm writing this from Ubuntu 12.04, using internet via bluetooth by a Nokia X2!

While setting up the new device, check the box Use your mobile phone as a network device. After pairing with mobile phone, make sure to activate automatic connection. To do that, go to the bluetooth menu on your phone -> Paired device -> Scroll to the Ubuntu device -> Option -> Select "Yes" for "Auto-connect".

After that, on Ubuntu, click over the network icon on taskbar -> select "Nokia X2-00 Network". Now it is connected. You are done. Open the browser and try to open any page.

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