Ubuntu: “Qml2Puppet” windows appearing in Qt Creator


Using Qt Creator 2.7.0, when I switch to design view of a qml file, I'm now getting 3 additional, unresponsive windows opening up, all with the title “Qml2Puppet”. This didn't used to happen.

I've un-installed and re-installed Qt Creator (using sudo apt-get purge qtcreator and sudo apt-get install qtcreator), but this hasn't solved it. I've also deleted the QtProject.conf, Trolltech.conf and QtProject items in ~/.config.

Any ideas for what else to try? I'm using Kubuntu 13.04, 64 bit.

Note: this is a different issue to Multiple Windows at QtCreator startup (where the windows are untitled and appear at startup).


Yes, annoying. I hope, soon, it is fixed. Waiting is annoying also?

Well, actually, I have a workaround on this. Fortunately, clicking on "design" tab launching qml2puppet executable located on /usr/bin.

By this mechanism, we can substitute the qml2puppet executable with our own script. The script will execute the real qml2puppet and beside, suppressing the "ilegal" windows.

Steps :

  1. Rename qml2puppet into qml2puppet.bak

    sudo mv /usr/bin/qml2puppet /usr/bin/qml2puppet.bak

  2. Make our executable script

    • Create file

      gksudo gedit /usr/bin/qml2puppet

    • Copy the full-script here into the script

    • Make it executable

      sudo chmod a+x /usr/bin/qml2puppet

  3. Download script component for controlling windows : wmctrl

    sudo apt-get install wmctrl

  4. Well done. Try it! When you face other problem following those step, you can comment below.

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