Ubuntu: “operating system not found ” after installing ubuntu 13.04


I successful installed ubuntu 13.04 on my laptop with USB key. But after I reboot I get this error "operating system not found"

I used boot-repair and it gives me this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6618963/

I think I probably messed up with the partitioning.

Can anyone give me some help?


According to your information, I think you do not have a boot loader. The boot loader directs you to your operating system. You must have a boot loader if you are doing dual boot. If you are not dual booting, then don't bother reading this. Please give more information.


it seems that you have 3 HDD in your system. At the moment of the installation the configuration/setting was done wrong. Are you dual-booting? If not (and if you don't mind to erase your data) I'd suggest to make a new, clean install with proper attention to HDD designation (sda, sdb, sdc, etc...)

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