Ubuntu: Adjusting default brightness upon boot


When I boot to ubuntu 12.04, the back light on my display turns off and I have to press the increase brightness button 4 times to get it to the desired brightness.

Is there a terminal command I can input for a default brightness?


I use a small hack.

  • You need xbacklight. Try running it from terminal (Ctrl+Alt+T), and if the package is not already installed, it suggests you to install. Follow the instructions.
  • Commands you need to know. (Use a number instead of <...>) Aren't they self-explanatory?

    • xbacklight +<increment>
    • xbacklight -<decrement>
    • xbacklight =<value>
  • Usually the range is 0 to 100. Running with no arguments shows the current value.

It is now as simple as setting the corresponding command to run automatically.

Simplest way:

Open Startup applications (Search in dash) and add an entry with command xbacklight =25. Use your preferred value instead of 25.

More complicated way:

Cook up a bash script to detect time of the day and then set the backlight value, and set it to run on startup. Left as an exercise to the reader.

Even more complicated way:

Detect light from webcam and the precise position of your favorite electron, destroy universe, rebuild it, and then set backlight to your favorite number. Set it to run on startup.

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