Ubuntu: Accomplishments daemon fails to connect


My Ubuntu Accomplishment fail to start as the error I got is:

The daemon fail to connect.

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Please advice.

Running accomplishment-viewer in the terminal gave me this output:

Pidfile /home/r00t/twistd.pid contains non-numeric value  Starting the daemon using command ``twistd -noy /usr/bin/accomplishments-daemon --logfile=/home/r00t/.cache/accomplishments/logs/daemon.log &``  

This was in the daemon.log: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1048791/


Try this command to remove the configuration file:

rm -rf ~/.config/accomplishments/  

It is more than likely a problem of an obsolete file and removing the file worked for me when I had the same problem.

After deleting the file, close the application, log out and open it again.

Given that the terminal displays Pidfile /home/r00t/twistd.pid contains non-numeric value, you can try deleting the twistd.pid flie and see if that helps.

rm ~/twistd.pid  

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