Ubuntu: Accidentally deleted Ubuntu partition, Windows 8 hibernated, cannot access bios to boot from USB. Help?


I made a mistake I completely regret. After I deleted my Ubuntu partition in Windows 8, my battery got too low and I lost power. I plugged in the cord and restarted the machine and was hit with a GRUB Rescue screen. I tried rebooting with a Ubuntu recovery USB, (I don't have a cd drive on the machine) and it didn't work. I've noticed after a few attempts to access my BIOS (F7) that the text that states how to access bios has been replaced with "resume from hibernation". I'm stuck in a infinite loop.

How can I resume hibernation into windows through Grub Recovery?

Alternatively, How can I boot from the Ubuntu USB drive from Grub Recovery?

Thanks a million.


In your bios try to tell your computer that you have another hard disk (witch is your USB drive), and then add it to boot devices. That depends on your bios. During bootup you may need to press Del or F2 or F1, Again this depends on your bios.

In order to make a flash bootable you have some options including using a tool named "unetbootin" witch I believe is the best tool to do so.

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