Ubuntu: 12.10 wont shut down [closed]


I have a brand new Acer Aspire V5 with Windows 7 and 12.10 alongside it. When I shut down 12.10 by clicking on shut down the system restarts, i.e. it shuts right down but instead of powering down it restarts from bios. It does this every time. The only way I can power down from 12.10 is by pressing and holding the power key. Any ideas?


Hm config problem, look for the settings in /etc/ for something like pm or powermangment. Also have a look in /var/log/. Meanwhile you can use sudo shutdown -P now form the terminal.


Try opening Terminal (Control + Alt/Option + T), then typing: 'sudo shutdown now' or 'sudo poweroff'.

Hope this helps!

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