Ubuntu: 12.04 wholly dark Ambiance theme?


I got my first partition of Ubuntu recently, and wanted to match it to a 10 or 11 interface I was using on another computer. It looked like this:

enter image description here

Themes in 12.04 seem to be rather tricky though. I've delved into usr/share/themes and ~/. Themes countless times with gtk-2 and gtk-3 trying to get things working, using Appearance and Advanced Settings (from a "tweak" something or other). Nothing has worked though, and the themes I've found so far are ugly to boot. All I'm looking for is straight up Ambiance with dark backgrounds for everything but that seems out of reach. Any advice?


I've created my own Ambiance Dark theme, however I've darkened it quite a bit, if you are interested it can be found here: http://gnome-look.org/content/show.php/Ambiance+Dark?content=147513

Here is a screenshot of my theme with Nautilus and Geany open on Ubuntu 13.10 Screenshot of theme with Nautilus and Geany open


I am using Dark theme similar to Ambiance but not Ambiance, called as OMG_Suite. On my system it currently looks as

enter image description here

And the Right click menu as

enter image description here

And also refer the Reintroduced Dark Ambiance theme.


The elementary Dark - GTK3 Theme is another dark theme and comes with its own ppa.


Here's what you might looking for: (GTK 3 version of Ambiance Dark theme, which was made by Canonical for Ubuntu 10.10, but wasn't included in final release)


Screenshot (MATE desktop) :


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