Ubuntu: 12.04, mapping network drive from windows server 2003


I'm trying to map a network drive running on a windows server..

I tried using the Connect to Server GUI but didn't get anywhere so I tried mounting it in the terminal but have had little success.

basically here are the details of the server I am trying to connect to and what I have tried: (in fstab)

SERVER=  SHARE=8279  MOUNTPOINT=/home/jacobian/mystuff  FS_TYPE=cifs  SMB_CREDENTIALS=/home/jacobian/.smbcredentials  


username=[domain]/[myusername]  password=[mypassword]  

when I try to mount using

sudo mount -t cifs // /home/jacobian/mystuff -o credentials=/home/jacobian/.smbcredentials  

I get Mount error(13) permission denied.

My credentials are correct because when I log into a windows machine and type \\8279 and use [myusername]@[domain] [mypassword] it connects and works correctly.

Any help with what I am doing wrong is greatly appreciated.

I am trying to convert my work computer over to ubuntu and this is what makes or breaks it.



Having had the exact same problem, installing the package samba4-clients resolved everything and now everything works as before the upgrade when I was on Oneiric Ocelot

so, all I did was:

    sudo apt-get install samba4-clients  


It's weird - in Ubuntu 12.04 I'm also having problems connecting to Windows Shares with the Connect to Server GUI. Most of the time, I just can't connect to the Windows Shares!

But if, in the Connect to Server GUI, I use...

Server: MyServerIPAddress; Type: Windows Share; Share: c$; Folder: /; Domain Name: MYDOMAIN (in capital letters); User Name: MyUserName@MyDomain.local; Password: MyPassword

...then somehow I've been connecting to Windows Shares, some of the times!

But if I use the Server's name (instead of IP address), and if I use just MyUserName (without @MyDomain.local), then I can't connect to any Windows Shares at all.

And that's on 2 newly-upgraded Ubuntu 12.04 PC's - one at work and one at home. Both have the same problem.


One thing that worked for me was to remove the domain from the username and add it in as a separate parameter: domain = whatever.

As stated in an answer above: upper case the domain name!!! .... this appears to be a new gotcha in Precise not present in older versions.

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