Ubuntu: 12.04 and Windows problem


I had Windows XP on my PC and wanted to install Ubuntu as well because I got more comfortable with it in the past few months.

I downloaded iso, burned it and installed it alongside Windows XP. I didn't change any options about space on partitions etc, it was preset for 21.4GB of my hard-drive.

Installation was successful, but there wasn't an Ubuntu option in the boot menu. Furthermore, one of my partition lost 21.4GB and I can't find them through Windows XP.

How do I boot Ubuntu? And what happened with my partition space? I hope I made my problems clear and hope for quick answers.


When your computer boots, does it show a boot loader? Or does it just boot into Windows? If it shows a boot loader, does it show the Windows boot loader or does it show GRUB?

If it shows GRUB, something isn't correctly configured and you should go here. If it shows the Windows boot loader or no boot loader, I suggest booting from a live CD and install GRUB2 as is documented here. From the Live CD you will be able to browse to your new partition.

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